Modular fire detection system SecuriFire 3000

SecuriFire 3000 - Twice the design, twice as safe

Very few fire detection systems provide fire protection as reliably as SecuriFire 3000 does. Indeed, all its components – from the microprocessor to the operating system – are available twice.

Still running even after multiple faults

SecuriFire 3000’s consistently redundant design achieves what no other system does: if the active system fails, the secondary system takes over full operations – seamlessly. This guarantees maximum availability, and any incipient fire is detected in a flash – even if the fire detection system is damaged due to several breaks in its wiring.

Aspiration smoke detection system SecuriRAS ASD 535

ASD 535 - the ultra-sensitive guardian

The ASD 535 aspirating smoke detector consists of one or two independent sampling pipes, each having one or more sampling apertures and a sampling chamber. The air of the space being monitored is sucked in for precise analysis by the scattered-light smoke detector located in the sampling chamber. If it detects smoke particles beyond a preset threshold, it triggers an immediate alarm, allowing the fire brigade to deal with the fire before it has time to break out.

Linear heat detection system SecuriSens LIST

Extremely durable and precise

Interference factors such as dust, heat, smoke or exhaust fumes hamper fire detection in harsh, aggressive environments. SecuriSens LIST line type heat detectors are immune to these effects and impress thanks to their high precision, reliability and durability.

Linear heat detection system SecuriSens ADW 535

Detecting fires under extreme conditions

Fires occur more often in dangerous locations – with conventional fire detectors quickly reaching their limitations. The intelligent line type heat detector from Securiton works perfectly, even under the most difficult conditions.

Whether the fully automatic monitoring of large areas, resisting corrosive gases, extreme humidity and high temperatures or differentiating between false alarms and real danger – the list of requirements for a state-of-the-art line type heat detector is both long and detailed.

Linear beam smoke detection system SecuriBeam BSD 535

Reliable fire protection with infrared light beam

The beam smoke detector SecuriBeam BSD 535 combines a simple principle with sophisticated technology. The device sends a beam of infrared light to a reflector and simultaneously receives the reflected light beam. If the light beam is attenuated by smoke, the SecuriBeam immediately sounds the alarm.

Ideal monitoring system for large premises

The distance between the detection device and the reflector can range between 3 m and 100 m, making the SecuriBeam BSD 535 ideally suited for monitoring large premises:

  • Warehouses and production halls
  • Covered inner courtyards
  • Reception halls
  • Department stores
  • Attic spaces (e.g. in churches)
  • Cinemas, theatres, etc.
Linear beam smoke detection system SecuriBeam ILIA

High-end fire protection for large buildings

Using an infrared light beam to detect smoke and fire lightning-fast even under the most difficult conditions: that’s the strength of the SecuriBeam ILIA beam smoke detector. Its high-tech qualities will appeal to anyone unwilling to compromise when it comes to safety in large buildings.

Detecting smoke, flames and heat

The SecuriBeam ILIA consists essentially of three components: a transmitter, a receiver and a remote control unit. The receiver meticulously evaluates the transmitted infrared light beam. Unlike conventional models the fire detector detects not just smoke-related attenuations, but also typical modulation frequencies caused by unusual increases in temperatures and flames – for three times the safety! If when analysing the light beam the detector spots any danger, it immediately triggers an alarm signal.

Smoke Detectors

The SCD 573 (Smoke Criteria Detector) provides early detection of smouldering, glowing and open fires with smoke development. Light transmitters and receivers are arranged at right angles in the sampling chamber to prevent the light beam of the transmitter from striking the receiver directly. First, the smoke-scattered light (Tyndall effect) reaches the receiver and then is converted to an electronic signal. If it reaches the alarm value, an alarm is sent automatically to the control unit. An advance warning stage constantly monitors the detector for contamination and communicates its condition to the control unit. This self-monitoring feature guarantees that the detector functions optimally.

Detector sensitivity adapts to the prevailing ambient temperatures in the area and automatically regulates smoke sensitivity (Cubus Adaptation).